BSE Prices delayed by 5 minutes... Prices as on Aug 21, 2019   ABB India  1359.15[ -0.37% ]|ACC  1486.6[ -3.53% ]|Ambuja Cements Ltd.  201.2[ -2.24% ]|Asian Paints Ltd.  1589.45[ -0.35% ]|Axis Bank Ltd.  665[ -1.07% ]|Bajaj Auto Ltd.  2764 [ 0.77% ]|Bank of Baroda  94.8[ -4.00% ]|Bharti Airtel  354.65[ -0.98% ]|Bharat Heavy Ele  48.3[ -3.30% ]|Bharat Petroleum  328.4[ -4.13% ]|Britannia Ind.  2383.7[ -0.46% ]|Cairn India Ltd.  285.4 [ 0.90% ]|Cipla  468.05[ -2.25% ]|Coal India  188.75[ -3.33% ]|Colgate Palm.  1197.7[ -0.23% ]|Dabur India  426.95[ -1.12% ]|DLF Ltd.  171.6[ -3.19% ]|Dr. Reddy's Labs  2503.4[ -2.02% ]|GAIL (India) Ltd.  122.5[ -3.81% ]|Grasim Inds.  698.05[ -4.30% ]|HCL Technologies  1071.75[ -1.12% ]|HDFC  2066.35[ -1.17% ]|HDFC Bank  2226 [ 0.18% ]|Hero MotoCorp  2714.2 [ 1.68% ]|Hindustan Unilever L  1849.9 [ 0.48% ]|Hindalco Indus.  177.05[ -1.25% ]|ICICI Bank  412.2[ -1.19% ]|IDFC L  33.65[ -1.32% ]|Indian Hotels Co  129.55[ -1.60% ]|IndusInd Bank  1365.9[ -2.77% ]|Infosys  799.55 [ 0.84% ]|ITC Ltd.  241.6[ -2.01% ]|Jindal St & Pwr  98.75[ -5.05% ]|Kotak Mahindra Bank  1505.8[ -0.02% ]|L&T  1310.3[ -2.41% ]|Lupin Ltd.  735.2[ -0.07% ]|Mahi. & Mahi  520.6[ -1.38% ]|Maruti Suzuki India  6222.95 [ 0.39% ]|MTNL  5.72[ -3.54% ]|Nestle India  12587.45 [ 5.22% ]|NIIT Ltd.  91.25[ -1.67% ]|NMDC Ltd.  86.25[ -4.33% ]|NTPC  117.95[ -0.04% ]|ONGC  121.15[ -3.12% ]|Punj. NationlBak  64.05[ -2.36% ]|Power Grid Corpo  204.8[ -0.61% ]|Reliance Inds.  1270.8[ -0.41% ]|SBI  277.4[ -2.20% ]|Vedanta  139.9[ -1.72% ]|Shipping Corpn.  26.25[ -1.87% ]|Sun Pharma.  417.3[ -0.83% ]|Tata Chemicals  556.7[ -1.21% ]|Tata Global Beverage  260.65[ -1.97% ]|Tata Motors Ltd.  112.3[ -9.29% ]|Tata Steel  343.05[ -4.26% ]|Tata Power Co.  51.1[ -8.67% ]|Tata Consultancy  2185.85[ -0.06% ]|Tech Mahindra Ltd.  672.45 [ 0.59% ]|UltraTech Cement  3923.75[ -2.72% ]|United Spirits  578.75 [ 0.11% ]|Wipro Ltd  252.6[ -0.30% ]|Zee Entertainment En  344.05[ -1.85% ]|

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BSE PriceNSE Price
Radhika Jeweltech L... Public Issue 75.0014/09/1620/09/1649.5017.60-
Ritco Logistics Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...73.0028/01/1930/01/1948.1860.30-
Jash Engineering Lt... Public Cum Offer fo...120.0028/09/1703/10/1748.01-86.50
Five Core Electroni... Public Issue 140.0009/05/1811/05/1846.66--
One Point One Solut... Public Issue 67.0013/12/1715/12/1744.38-17.00
Marine Electricals ... Public Issue 66.0028/09/1803/10/1842.87-99.40
Sintercom India Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...65.0005/02/1807/02/1842.55-59.95
Jinaams Dress Ltd. Public Issue 59.0009/04/1915/04/1942.4845.25-
Deccan Health Care ... Public Cum Offer fo...100.0018/12/1820/12/1842.1259.90-
Artemis Electricals... Public Issue 60.0024/04/1930/04/1942.0091.50-
Innovators Facade S... Public Issue 72.0014/05/1816/05/1840.7636.30-
Cian Healthcare Ltd. Public Issue 65.0002/05/1909/05/1940.4054.00-
Silver Touch Techno... Public Cum Offer fo...121.0020/11/1723/11/1740.22-112.00
Manas Properties Lt... Public Cum Offer fo...360.0017/03/1722/03/1739.96475.00-
KPI Global Infrastr... Public Issue 80.0008/01/1911/01/1939.9450.80-
Osia Hyper Retail L... Public Issue 252.0026/03/1928/03/1939.78-230.00
InfoBeans Technolog... Public Issue 58.0018/04/1721/04/1736.78-61.30
Macpower CNC Machin... Public Issue 140.0012/03/1814/03/1836.61-114.00
Salasar Techno Engi... Public Issue 108.0012/07/1717/07/1735.87130.85132.50
South West Pinnacle... Public Issue 78.0006/02/1808/02/1835.86-14.25
Accuracy Shipping L... Public Issue 84.0011/06/1814/06/1835.76-33.40
Rajshree Polypack L... Public Issue 120.0010/09/1812/09/1835.52-97.00
Benara Bearings & P... Public Issue 63.0020/03/1822/03/1833.4917.55-
AVG Logistics Ltd. Public Issue 107.0028/03/1803/04/1833.06-68.00
Waa Solar Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...161.0031/05/1804/06/1832.2027.50-
DRS Dilip Roadlines... Public Issue 75.0027/11/1830/11/1831.50-75.05
Suich Industries Lt... Public Issue 75.0030/05/1904/06/1930.8628.30-
CRP Risk Management... Public Cum Offer fo...60.0018/01/1822/01/1830.8223.75-
SecUR Credentials L... Public Issue 205.0001/11/1703/11/1730.07-61.00
Ashapuri Gold Ornam... Public Issue 51.0013/03/1918/03/1929.3327.85-
Yasho Industries Lt... Public Cum Offer fo...100.0019/03/1821/03/1828.99128.10-
RKEC Projects Ltd. Public Issue 45.0025/09/1728/09/1728.70-46.00
Innovative Tyres & ... Public Issue 45.0022/09/1726/09/1728.34-15.25
Maheshwari Logistic... Public Issue 68.0030/12/1606/01/1727.17-257.10
Steel City Securiti... Offer for Sale 55.0006/02/1709/02/1726.99-30.00
Akshar Spintex Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...40.0027/04/1803/05/1826.9911.61-
D P Wires Ltd. Public Issue 75.0021/09/1726/09/1726.88-64.00
Active Clothing Co ... Public Issue 65.0012/03/1814/03/1826.5620.00-
Synergy Green Indus... Public Issue 70.0004/09/1807/09/1826.4685.00-
Marvel Decor Ltd. Public Issue 57.0012/03/1815/03/1826.31-19.40
Lexus Granito (Indi... Public Issue 45.0009/08/1711/08/1725.92-10.40
Spectrum Electrical... Public Issue 65.0017/09/1821/09/1825.87-55.00
Sudarshan Pharma In... Public Issue 75.0012/06/1917/06/1925.80--
ANI Integrated Serv... Public Cum Offer fo...100.0008/11/1710/11/1725.66-36.50
Sky Gold Ltd. Public Issue 180.0018/09/1821/09/1825.56185.00-
Akash Infra-Project... Offer for Sale 125.0028/02/1706/03/1725.50-60.95
Bohra Industries Lt... Public Issue 55.0023/03/1727/03/1725.15-4.60
Share India Securit... Public Issue 41.0021/09/1727/09/1725.0468.00-
Bhatia Communicatio... Public Cum Offer fo...150.0008/02/1812/02/1824.7580.00-
Lagnam Spintex Ltd. Public Issue 41.0004/09/1807/09/1824.60-12.60
Tasty Dairy Special... Public Issue 45.0007/02/1812/02/1824.4413.00-
Sheetal Cool Produc... Public Issue 80.0016/10/1718/10/1724.00106.40-
Salebhai Internet L... Public Issue 105.0027/07/1802/08/1823.73--
ICE Make Refrigerat... Public Issue 57.0028/11/1730/11/1723.71-66.00
Dynamic Cables Ltd. Public Issue 40.0004/12/1706/12/1723.3831.00-
Relstruct Buildcon ... Public Issue 50.0016/03/1720/03/1723.369.95-
Ratnabhumi Develope... Public Issue 63.0004/12/1706/12/1723.3186.20-
Dhruv Consultancy S... Public Issue 54.0027/04/1802/05/1823.2023.00-
Xelpmoc Design and ... Public Issue 66.0023/01/1925/01/1923.1161.4063.20
SoftTech Engineers ... Public Cum Offer fo...80.0027/04/1803/05/1822.81-55.00
Affordable Robotic ... Public Issue 85.0024/05/1828/05/1822.7964.95-
Nitiraj Engineers L... Public Issue 100.0020/02/1701/03/1722.01-99.15
E2E Networks Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...57.0003/05/1807/05/1821.99-35.40
Shrenik Ltd. Public Issue 40.0006/07/1710/07/1721.60-44.35
Aarvi Encon Ltd. Public Issue 54.0021/09/1725/09/1721.24-28.00
Valiant Organics Lt... Offer for Sale 220.0029/09/1604/10/1621.231206.25-
Kapston Facilities ... Public Cum Offer fo...92.0021/03/1823/03/1821.20-98.00
Supreme Engineering... Public Cum Offer fo...32.0024/08/1829/08/1821.07-36.90
Pashupati Cotspin L... Public Issue 75.0028/08/1731/08/1720.88-62.40
Mohini Health & Hyg... Public Issue 42.0005/02/1807/02/1820.71-15.80
Dangee Dums Ltd. Public Issue 74.0020/08/1824/08/1820.07-146.00
GlobalSpace Technol... Public Issue 66.0026/07/1728/07/1720.0255.50-
B&B Triplewall Cont... Public Issue 36.0028/09/1805/10/1819.99-33.50
Shree Ram Proteins ... Public Issue 31.0023/01/1825/01/1819.90-25.00
Wonder Fibromats Lt... Public Issue 89.0022/07/1929/07/1919.79-92.25
Krishana Phoschem L... Offer for Sale 30.0013/02/1716/02/1719.73-50.50
Jakharia Fabric Ltd. Public Issue 180.0029/06/1803/07/1819.66-194.85
Beta Drugs Ltd. Public Issue 85.0029/09/1704/10/1719.52-76.00
Bright Solar Ltd. Public Issue 36.0026/06/1829/06/1819.44-9.20
Tara Chand Logistic... Public Issue 55.0013/03/1813/03/1819.40-34.00
Baba Agro Food Ltd. Public Issue 55.0014/09/1718/09/1719.25-64.70
Sanghvi Brands Ltd. Public Issue 69.0010/11/1714/11/1718.9612.50-
Shradha Infraprojec... Public Cum Offer fo...70.0027/11/1730/11/1718.93-44.15
Parin Furniture Ltd. Public Issue 63.0026/09/1828/09/1818.90-70.05
Rudrabhishek Enterp... Public Issue 41.0029/06/1805/07/1818.73-24.00
Northern Spirits Lt... Public Issue 43.0022/03/1927/03/1918.5030.00-
Diksat Transworld L... Public Cum Offer fo...40.0029/09/1606/10/1618.43100.85-
Worth Peripherals L... Public Issue 43.0015/09/1719/09/1718.28-50.00
Sumit Woods Ltd. Public Issue 45.0029/08/1831/08/1818.24-20.55
Angel Fibers Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...27.0020/02/1823/02/1818.2210.00-
CMM Infraprojects L... Public Issue 40.0029/09/1704/10/1718.18-3.75
A-1 Acid Ltd. Public Issue 60.0025/09/1801/10/1818.0056.00-
ICL Multitrading In... Public Issue 85.0019/11/1822/11/1817.86--
Jalan Transolutions... Public Issue 46.0018/05/1723/05/1717.71-3.70
SS Infrastructure D... Public Issue 40.0028/03/1805/04/1817.11-12.40
Vertoz Advertising ... Public Issue 108.0014/11/1716/11/1717.11-160.35
BCPL Railway Infras... Public Cum Offer fo...35.0005/10/1811/10/1817.0142.75-
Total Transport Sys... Public Issue 45.0025/07/1728/07/1717.01-28.35
Orissa Bengal Carri... Public Issue 30.0022/03/1826/03/1816.6952.50-
Mahip Industries Lt... Public Issue 32.0026/02/1901/03/1916.6311.00-
D P Abhushan Ltd. Public Issue 28.0009/10/1711/10/1716.61-39.10
Raw Edge Industrial... Public Cum Offer fo...72.0005/07/1810/07/1816.5070.95-
Marshall Machines L... Public Issue 42.0028/08/1830/08/1816.25-19.90
IRIS Business Servi... Public Issue 32.0029/09/1704/10/1716.0119.60-
Jhandewalas Foods L... Public Issue 55.0029/12/1704/01/1816.0110.00-
Uniinfo Telecom Ser... Public Issue 55.0005/03/1807/03/1815.59-23.85
White Organic Retai... Public Issue 63.0026/04/1902/05/1915.4673.00-
Kritika Wires Ltd. Public Issue 32.0026/09/1801/10/1815.40-34.30
Deep Polymers Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...40.0008/08/1813/08/1815.2456.00-
Sagar Diamonds Ltd. Public Issue 45.0014/09/1718/09/1715.216.20-
Airo Lam Ltd. Public Issue 38.0025/09/1727/09/1715.20-31.00
Servotech Power Sys... Public Issue 31.0009/08/1714/08/1715.13-14.75
Silly Monks Enterta... Public Cum Offer fo...120.0005/01/1810/01/1815.12-78.05
Uravi T and Wedge L... Public Cum Offer fo...100.0016/03/1820/03/1815.00-102.25
Airan Ltd. Public Issue 45.0014/03/1716/03/1714.85-18.05
Milestone Furniture... Public Issue 45.0007/05/1811/05/1814.8422.35-
Reliable Data Servi... Public Issue 57.0027/09/1703/10/1714.82-28.05
Sakar Healthcare Lt... Public Issue 50.0030/09/1605/10/1614.81-55.00
Cadsys (India) Ltd. Public Issue 70.0021/09/1725/09/1714.70-48.00
Panache Digilife Lt... Public Issue 81.0011/04/1717/04/1714.58-50.00
Pushpanjali Realms ... Public Issue 55.0027/06/1730/06/1714.55-3.85
Vadivarhe Specialit... Offer for Sale 42.0022/05/1725/05/1714.46-18.15
Milton Industries L... Public Issue 34.0029/09/1706/10/1714.28-14.50
Vaishali Pharma Ltd. Public Issue 72.0007/08/1710/08/1714.23-46.25
Madhya Pradesh Toda... Public Issue 66.0019/09/1721/09/1714.17-28.10
Innovative Ideals a... Public Issue 46.0024/09/1826/09/1814.10149.35-
Madhya Bharat Agro ... Offer for Sale 24.0029/08/1602/09/1613.90-68.00
Sharika Enterprises... Public Issue 43.0015/11/1717/11/1713.8732.00-
Suumaya Lifestyle L... Public Cum Offer fo...18.0022/05/1825/05/1813.84-18.10
Globe Textiles (Ind... Offer for Sale 51.0012/06/1715/06/1713.71-23.95
Libas Designs Ltd. Public Issue 68.0027/12/1630/12/1613.60-44.95
Powerful Technologi... Public Issue 51.0009/08/1814/08/1813.55-9.00
Creative Peripheral... Public Issue 75.0029/03/1703/04/1713.50-74.95
Diksha Greens Ltd. Public Issue 30.0026/11/1828/11/1813.3219.45-
Penta Gold Ltd. Public Issue 37.0023/03/1827/03/1813.32-41.90
SKS Textiles Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...150.0009/01/1811/01/1813.32-26.60
Agro Phos India Ltd. Public Issue 22.0027/10/1607/11/1612.94-87.60
Surani Steel Tubes ... Public Cum Offer fo...52.0025/01/1929/01/1912.92-33.50
AB Infrabuild Ltd. Public Issue 29.0028/06/1903/07/1912.84-21.40
Anand Rayons Ltd. Public Issue 27.0018/06/1924/06/1912.6635.30-
Banka Bioloo Ltd. Public Issue 115.0005/02/1807/02/1812.63-89.00
Brand Concepts Ltd. Public Issue 45.0029/12/1702/01/1812.62-33.50
Ambition Mica Ltd. Public Issue 42.0016/11/1721/11/1712.6012.22-
Shreeji Translogist... Public Issue 130.0029/09/1705/10/1712.40140.00-
Riddhi Corporate Se... Public Issue 130.0012/06/1715/06/1712.3560.00-
ANG Lifesciences In... Public Issue 80.0029/08/1731/08/1712.0135.00-
Ashoka Metcast Ltd. Public Issue 20.0023/01/1825/01/1812.002.45-
Rajnish Wellness Lt... Public Issue 95.0025/06/1827/06/1811.9859.10-
Shreeoswal Seeds an... Public Issue 26.0007/06/1812/06/1811.90-22.90
Meera Industries Lt... FPO - Fixed Price225.0013/06/1918/06/1911.75185.50-
Ushanti Colour Chem... Public Issue 60.0023/07/1825/07/1811.56-38.05
CKP Leisure Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...30.0021/02/1823/02/1811.54-5.00
Narayani Steels Ltd. Public Issue 32.0001/09/1606/09/1611.5232.95-
Alumilite Architect... Public Issue 30.0024/06/1928/06/1911.48--
RM Drip and Sprinkl... Public Issue 57.0019/09/1725/09/1711.46-15.95
Manomay Tex India L... Public Issue 30.0015/03/1720/03/1711.4132.55-
Taylormade Renewabl... Public Issue 35.0022/03/1827/03/1811.345.42-
Siddharth Education... Public Issue 36.0029/09/1705/10/1711.1918.75-
IRIS Clothings Ltd. Public Issue 90.0010/10/1812/10/1811.07-121.25
Moksh Ornaments Ltd. Public Issue 37.0021/12/1726/12/1711.03-22.00
Geekay Wires Ltd. Public Issue 33.0009/08/1714/08/1711.00-33.00
Medico Remedies Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...100.0029/01/1831/01/1810.9985.00-
Sarthak Metals Ltd. Offer for Sale 30.0010/03/1717/03/1710.9116.65-
Shree Tirupati Bala... Public Issue 40.0021/09/1726/09/1710.80-42.00
Vivid Mercantile Lt... Public Issue 51.0028/09/1808/10/1810.7421.00-
KHFM Hospitality & ... Public Issue 36.0022/03/1904/04/1910.62-33.00
Axita Cotton Ltd. Public Issue 60.0027/12/1802/01/1910.5185.00-
Bombay Super Hybrid... Public Issue 60.0012/04/1817/04/1810.39-129.85
India Green Reality... Public Issue 30.0030/09/1606/10/1610.387.02-
Vinny Overseas Ltd. Public Issue 40.0028/09/1803/10/1810.37-38.00
Global Education Lt... Public Issue 150.0016/02/1721/02/1710.25-98.00
M K Proteins Ltd. Public Issue 70.0031/03/1707/04/1710.23-71.40
Anmol India Ltd. Public Issue 33.0012/02/1914/02/1910.2329.80-
Pansari Developers ... Public Issue 22.0030/09/1606/10/1610.19-22.00
Zodiac Energy Ltd. Public Issue 52.0023/11/1727/11/1710.14-26.00
Sun Retail Ltd. Public Issue 23.0027/09/1803/10/1810.1225.50-
Sonam Clock Ltd. Public Issue 36.0001/06/1806/06/1810.11-38.00
Aakash Exploration ... Public Issue 56.0017/04/1819/04/1810.08-17.60
Sanginita Chemicals... Public Issue 22.0001/03/1703/03/1710.05-76.85
Shanti Overseas (In... Public Issue 50.0021/07/1726/07/1710.02-27.25
Majestic Research S... FPO - Book Building114.0028/11/1605/12/169.9913.56-
Godha Cabcon & Insu... Public Issue 33.0027/04/1803/05/189.90-15.45
ASL Industries Ltd. Public Issue 35.0031/03/1707/04/179.80-11.20
Laxmi Cotspin Ltd. Public Issue 20.0017/03/1722/03/179.60-13.10
Mitsu Chem Plast Lt... Offer for Sale 95.0026/08/1631/08/169.51152.00-
Saketh Exim Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...69.0001/08/1803/08/189.44-103.75
Shree Vasu Logistic... Public Issue 45.0023/05/1825/05/189.29-126.95
Ambani Organics Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...66.0006/07/1810/07/189.03-58.00
SMVD Poly Pack Ltd. Public Issue 55.0013/12/1715/12/179.02-13.00
Giriraj Civil Devel... Public Cum Offer fo...100.0019/03/1821/03/189.00-22.00
Arvee Laboratories ... Public Issue 61.0009/02/1814/02/188.91-55.00
Palm Jewels Ltd. Public Issue 30.0025/05/1801/06/188.9019.00-
Riddhi Steel and Tu... Public Issue 38.0002/09/1607/09/168.8920.80-
Kshitij Polyline Lt... Public Issue 35.0021/09/1827/09/188.75-30.80
Octaware Technologi... Public Cum Offer fo...90.0017/03/1724/03/178.6098.50-
Kranti Industries L... Public Cum Offer fo...37.0014/02/1920/02/198.5831.50-
Shree Ganesh Remedi... Public Issue 36.0028/09/1705/10/178.5562.75-
Par Drugs & Chemica... Public Issue 51.0003/05/1908/05/198.53-48.30
Ganesh Films India ... Public Issue 80.0016/07/1818/07/188.4247.90-
Artedz Fabs Ltd. Public Issue 36.0018/03/1920/03/198.32-28.50
Latteys Industries ... Public Issue 66.0023/05/1828/05/188.07-52.00
Megastar Foods Ltd. Public Issue 30.0014/05/1816/05/188.0442.90-
U H Zaveri Ltd. Public Issue 36.0008/05/1814/05/187.9910.60-
Hindcon Chemicals L... Public Issue 28.0026/02/1828/02/187.73-17.65
Alphalogic Techsys ... Public Issue 99.0023/08/1927/08/197.72--
Aurangabad Distille... Public Issue 35.0030/09/1606/10/167.70-24.00
Innovana Thinklabs ... Public Issue 70.0029/11/1704/12/177.70-235.00
Gautam Gems Ltd. Public Issue 36.0024/01/1830/01/187.56104.00-
Vanta Bioscience Lt... Public Issue 50.0025/09/1727/09/177.56111.50-
Arihant Institute L... Public Issue 30.0023/05/1828/05/187.505.01-
S M Gold Ltd. Public Issue 30.0003/10/1810/10/187.5021.70-
Narmada Agrobase Lt... Public Issue 32.0028/03/1811/04/187.49-18.10
Pure Giftcarat Ltd. Public Issue 13.0026/04/1728/04/177.4526.80-
Indo Us Bio-Tech Lt... Public Issue 51.0030/04/1803/05/187.2994.00-
Shankar Lal Rampal ... Public Issue 45.0012/12/1814/12/187.2942.35-
Transwind Infrastru... Public Issue 27.0030/06/1704/07/177.29-7.90
Prime Customer Serv... Public Cum Offer fo...60.0020/03/1723/03/177.28109.95-
Goldstar Power Ltd. Public Issue 25.0027/09/1729/09/177.25-27.00
Aartech Solonics Lt... Public Issue 34.0012/03/1918/03/197.2133.15-
Ace Integrated Solu... Public Issue 40.0029/06/1705/07/177.20-28.35
Solex Energy Ltd. Public Issue 52.0022/01/1825/01/187.18-30.40
Kenvi Jewels Ltd. Public Issue 36.0002/02/1807/02/186.7012.60-
A & M Febcon Ltd. Public Issue 18.0001/09/1706/09/176.688.10-
Crown Lifters Ltd. Public Issue 121.0009/09/1619/09/166.68-29.90
Earum Pharmaceutica... Public Issue 36.0021/06/1926/06/196.6550.15-
Tanvi Foods (India)... Public Cum Offer fo...60.0017/02/1722/02/176.6039.25-
Ajooni Biotech Ltd. Public Issue 30.0020/12/1722/12/176.59-8.30
GKP Printing & Pack... Public Issue 32.0023/04/1926/04/196.5835.950.00
SBC Exports Ltd. Public Issue 22.0024/06/1926/06/196.5623.75-
Ridings Consulting ... Public Issue 18.0014/03/1816/03/186.5523.00-
Shubhlaxmi Jewel Ar... Public Issue 26.0022/11/1827/11/186.51-179.20
Oceanic Foods Ltd. Public Issue 65.0020/03/1722/03/176.5045.10-
Focus Suites Soluti... Public Issue 18.0030/01/1801/02/186.492.85-
Nakoda Group Of Ind... Public Issue 35.0023/05/1829/05/186.4827.40-
Inflame Appliances ... Public Issue 54.0006/03/1808/03/186.48118.00-
Kaarya Facilities a... Public Issue 40.0012/10/1717/10/176.4027.60-
Lex Nimble Solution... Public Issue 57.0012/03/1816/03/186.3441.00-
Dev Information Tec... Public Issue 42.0031/03/1706/04/176.25-79.00
CKP Products Ltd. Public Issue 50.0026/04/1728/04/176.24-28.70
Add-Shop Promotions... Public Issue 26.0021/08/1830/08/186.2333.00-
Bansal Multiflex Lt... Public Issue 31.0030/06/1704/07/176.20-3.55
Ultra Wiring Connec... Public Issue 45.0012/10/1817/10/186.19-26.65
Nouritrans Exim Ltd. Public Issue 30.0004/09/1707/09/176.121.47-
Aditya Consumer Mar... Public Issue 15.0029/09/1605/10/166.0024.50-
Kids Medical System... Public Issue 30.0011/12/1714/12/176.0012.00-
Mehai Technololgy L... Public Issue 40.0025/09/1728/09/176.0059.60-
Shubham Polyspin Lt... Public Issue 40.0028/09/1804/10/186.0077.90-
Univastu India Ltd. Public Issue 40.0014/07/1719/07/175.99-78.10
Power & Instrumenta... Public Issue 33.0011/04/1811/04/185.83-9.35
Accord Synergy Ltd. Public Issue 60.0022/06/1728/06/175.83-25.00
Aditya Vision Ltd. Public Issue 15.0028/11/1605/12/165.7622.25-
Captain Technocast ... Public Cum Offer fo...40.0020/07/1724/07/175.7056.00-
Jigar Cables Ltd. Public Issue 30.0018/07/1720/07/175.5931.70-
Dhruv Wellness Ltd. Public Issue 20.0031/08/1704/09/175.5785.65-
AKG Exim Ltd. Public Issue 31.0010/09/1814/09/185.52-31.80
Manav Infra Project... Public Issue 30.0004/09/1708/09/175.51-5.25
Poojawestern Metali... Public Issue 36.0022/09/1726/09/175.4858.00-
Jash Dealmark Ltd. Public Issue 40.0015/03/1717/03/175.4011.50-
Shreeshay Engineers... Public Issue 15.0009/03/1813/03/185.4016.50-
Vera Synthetic Ltd. Public Issue 40.0028/03/1804/04/185.34-86.00
Priti International... Public Issue 75.0011/06/1813/06/185.26-94.00
Mahickra Chemicals ... Public Issue 25.0016/04/1818/04/185.25-54.00
Tirupati Forge Ltd. Public Issue 29.0029/09/1704/10/175.22-44.35
Dolfin Rubbers Ltd. Public Issue 26.0027/09/1801/10/185.2037.00-
AVSL Industries Ltd. Public Issue 36.0015/09/1628/09/165.18-32.45
Globe International... Public Issue 24.0030/09/1607/10/165.17-22.00
Sikko Industries Lt... Public Issue 32.0005/04/1707/04/175.12-28.05
7NR Retail Ltd. Public Issue 27.0005/07/1710/07/175.1293.00-
Veeram Securities L... Public Issue 45.0023/12/1628/12/165.1243.00-
Shri Ram Switchgear... Public Issue 19.0025/05/1730/05/175.07-14.80
Shiva Granito Expor... Public Issue 12.0023/08/1629/08/165.043.80-
Art Nirman Ltd. Public Issue 25.0030/09/1607/10/165.01-25.25
Ganga Forging Ltd. Public Issue 21.0029/06/1803/07/185.00-18.50
Silgo Retail Ltd. Public Issue 36.0027/09/1803/10/184.88-40.00
Spicy Entertainment... Public Issue 10.0001/09/1607/09/164.826.45-
Vasa Retail & Overs... Public Issue 30.0024/01/1829/01/184.80-18.25
Felix Industries Lt... Public Issue 35.0023/11/1727/11/174.79-17.00
Aaron Industries Lt... Public Issue 38.0020/08/1824/08/184.78-53.30
AKM Lace and Embrot... Public Issue 25.0020/09/1722/09/174.7619.90-
Avon Moldplast Ltd. Public Issue 51.0012/07/1818/07/184.51-42.80
MRC Exim Ltd. Public Issue 15.0006/12/1708/12/174.501.73-
Ranjeet Mechatronic... Public Issue 25.0012/09/1817/09/184.5025.05-
Soni Soya Products ... Public Issue 25.0028/03/1804/04/184.50-19.40
Madhav Copper Ltd. Public Issue 81.0023/01/1727/01/174.48-228.35
Lorenzini Apparels ... Public Issue 10.0031/01/1806/02/184.476.30-
Gujarat Hy-Spin Ltd. Offer for Sale 10.0025/01/1831/01/184.455.60-
Debock Sales And Ma... Public Issue 20.0024/05/1828/05/184.44-5.50
Mittal Life Style L... Public Issue 21.0019/03/1821/03/184.41-89.55
Advitiya Trade Indi... Public Issue 15.0014/03/1816/03/184.3175.05-
Rajnandini Metal Lt... Public Issue 26.0024/09/1827/09/184.27-26.30
Dhanuka Realty Ltd. Public Issue 40.0030/09/1606/10/164.22-7.95
Jet Knitwears Ltd. Public Issue 39.0027/09/1629/09/164.22-25.10
Prolife Industries ... Public Issue 38.0027/12/1630/12/164.22-24.65
Continental Seeds a... Public Issue 26.0021/03/1823/03/184.21-13.15
Touchwood Entertain... Public Issue 40.0011/12/1713/12/174.21-110.05
Dr. Lalchandani Lab... Public Issue 30.0025/04/1827/04/184.2013.00-
Husys Consulting Lt... Public Issue 69.0009/09/1619/09/164.20-30.25
Seven Hills Beverag... Public Issue 26.0018/08/1723/08/174.16--
RMC Switchgears Ltd. Offer for Sale 27.0028/02/1703/03/174.1527.35-
Super Fine Knitters... Public Issue 12.0018/01/1724/01/174.084.20-
Jet Freight Logisti... Public Issue 28.0024/11/1628/11/164.07-22.75
Keerti Knowledge an... Public Issue 52.0024/07/1728/07/174.06-80.00
Shish Industries Lt... Public Issue 30.0023/08/1728/08/174.0636.55-
Focus Lighting and ... Public Issue 45.0030/03/1705/04/174.05-45.55
Rithwik Facility Ma... Public Issue 50.0029/12/1703/01/184.0540.10-
Nandani Creation Lt... Public Issue 28.0028/09/1603/10/164.04-6.95
A and M Jumbo Bags ... Public Issue 65.0029/01/1802/02/184.00-9.55
Sorich Foils Ltd. Public Issue 16.0024/05/1828/05/184.00--
City Pulse Multiple... Public Issue 30.0027/06/1903/07/193.9828.50-
Gretex Industries L... Public Cum Offer fo...20.0030/09/1605/10/163.96-5.20
SK International Ex... Public Issue 20.0028/06/1905/07/193.9618.55-
Omfurn India Ltd. Public Issue 23.0029/09/1705/10/173.95-6.80
Bhakti Gems and Jew... Public Issue 20.0017/05/1722/05/173.9220.00-
Pulz Electronics Lt... Public Issue 54.0014/11/1716/11/173.92-43.25
Meera Industries Lt... Public Issue 36.0027/04/1704/05/173.89185.50-
Maximus Internation... Public Issue 25.0017/03/1722/03/173.7741.00-
Surevin BPO Service... Public Issue 40.0028/07/1701/08/173.65-82.65
Parshva Enterprises... Public Issue 45.0019/06/1921/06/193.6545.75-
Mindpool Technologi... Public Issue 30.0014/02/1920/02/193.60-19.90
Roopshri Resorts Lt... Public Issue 20.0019/03/1922/03/193.6020.20-
Trident Texofab Ltd. Public Issue 30.0021/09/1726/09/173.53102.00-
Shashijit Infraproj... Public Issue 15.0030/09/1606/10/163.4925.00-
Diggi Multitrade Lt... Public Issue 13.0011/12/1714/12/173.3812.40-
Gautam Exim Ltd. Public Issue 40.0029/06/1703/07/173.3242.50-
IFL Enterprises Ltd. Public Issue 20.0007/03/1710/03/173.2510.00-
Escorp Asset Manage... Public Issue 15.0031/03/1706/04/173.2416.25-
Garv Industries Ltd. Public Issue 10.0012/04/1817/04/183.2018.95-
Gleam Fabmat Ltd. Public Issue 10.0019/02/1922/02/193.123.25-
Aki India Ltd. Public Issue 11.0028/09/1803/10/183.089.00-
Roni Households Ltd. Public Issue 20.0019/11/1822/11/183.0030.00-
DRA Consultants Ltd. Public Issue 10.0030/09/1604/10/162.969.55-
Yug Decor Ltd. Public Issue 26.0018/05/1723/05/172.8821.35-
KMS Medisurgi Ltd. Public Issue 30.0012/04/1717/04/172.7030.15-
Chemcrux Enterprise... Public Issue 18.0015/03/1720/03/172.40100.00-
Mewar Hi-Tech Engin... Public Issue 22.0030/09/1606/10/162.3428.40-
V R Films & Studios... Public Issue 61.0012/04/1918/04/192.27137.80-
G G Engineering Ltd. Public Issue 20.0030/06/1707/07/172.2326.00-
Humming Bird Educat... Public Issue 132.0015/03/1919/03/192.15132.00-
Chothani Foods Ltd. Public Issue 10.0007/08/1711/08/172.013.58-
Bindal Exports Ltd. Public Issue 16.0030/09/1606/10/162.005.87-
MAC Hotels Ltd. Public Cum Offer fo...24.0019/09/1825/09/181.94102.00-
Evans Electric Ltd. Public Issue 52.0030/04/1903/05/191.93208.05-
Sprayking Agro Equi... Public Issue 21.0031/08/1602/09/161.8619.00-
Sungold Media and E... Public Issue 10.0009/08/1814/08/181.355.70-
Jonjua Overseas Ltd. Public Issue 10.0012/02/1915/02/191.3018.90-
Shree Krishna Infra... Public Cum Offer fo...13.0015/11/1822/11/181.176.20-
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    “KYC is one time exercise while dealing in securities markets-once KYC is done through a SEBI registered intermediary (broker,DP, Mutual Fund ect.) you need not undergo the same process again when you approach another intermediary.”
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